Breast Cancer linked with arthritis

US scientists claim to have found a link between breast cancer and arthritis. A research team at the University of North Carolina carried out tests on mice after previous epidemiological studies indicated that women with both diseases were more likely to have aggressive cancer. Their studies revealed that arthritic mice tended to have more mast cells - immune system cells that cause inflammation - than non-arthritic mice. Furthermore, the cKit receptor on mast cells appears to be linked to the transmembrane stem cell factor (SCF) ligand found on metastatic breast cancer cells. Pinku Mukherjee, who was involved in the research, said: 'We confirmed the relationship we suspected between autoimmune disease and metastastic breast cancer cells. 'This is an exciting result for us because it confirms an interesting interdependence between cancer metastasis and a specific component of the immune system.' The findings were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting on April 1st. A recent study found that just one alcoholic drink per day could raise women's chances of developing breast cancer.justcopyright